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BinocularsFuture Plans and Wish List

The value of Wilson Historical Society’s Endowment as of December 31, 2018 was $222,008. As we plan for the future we are increasingly aware that two of our key volunteers—who do much to keep the Society and the Museum operating—are 79 years old. While we presently have sufficient volunteer assistance, at some time in the future we may have to employ someone to ensure that key functions of the Historical Society/Museum are maintained. We also need a larger Endowment if we ever hope to move forward with an elephant museum in Wilson. (Yes, an elephant museum! A collection of over 3,000 elephants has been donated to the Museum.) We need money to make that happen, and pay the increased operating expenses, as we move forward to benefit the City of Wilson. To read more about the Endowment and/or make donations please visit our Monetary Donations page.

We have two separate buildings - the original Museum and the Annex acquired a few years ago. A long-term objective is to join these buildings together, reposition the Museum entrance, and relocate many of the items/sections of the Museum.

Finally, what the Wilson Historical Museum accomplishes is a direct function of the interests of its volunteers and patrons. If you have interest in some facet of the history of Wilson and/or the surrounding communities, we would enjoy visiting with you to see if there is a mutual interest in working together to enhance the preservation of the history of this part of Oklahoma.

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