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The Wilson Historical Museum is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, and exhibition of artifacts used in and around, or depicting the history and life of the people of Wilson and the surrounding communities.

Preference is given to older artifacts, ceremonial or one-of-a-kind items, or artifacts that have special significance to Wilson and the surrounding communities. The Museum has chosen to minimize overlap with the collections at the Healdton Oil Museum and the Military Memorial Museum (located within the Greater Southwest Historical Museum in Ardmore).

All artifact donations are considered outright and unconditional gifts to be used at the sole discretion of the Museum, thereby disallowing acceptance of artifacts or items upon which restrictions are placed.

Artifacts may or may not be on permanent display; if they are not on permanent display, they may be used as part of periodic displays by the Museum.

Artifacts are not accepted if they are in such state of disrepair as to require conservation treatment beyond the Museum's technical and financial capabilities, they duplicate similar artifacts in the Museum, or are of questionable authenticity or ownership.

The Museum continues to develop an extensive historical and genealogical library. Family histories, family and/or period pictures, as well as stories about Wilson and the surrounding region are always welcome. For pictures or other similar items, the Museum is happy to make a copy if the donor would like to retain the original.

We would be pleased to visit with you about artifacts to be donated to the Museum.

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