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Calendar of Events - 2017

Event: Historical Society Meeting and Pot-luck Lunch
First Wednesday of every month
  2017 meeting dates: Feb 1st, Mar 1st, Apr 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th,
Aug 2nd, Sep 6th, Nov 1st, Dec 6th
11:30 a.m.
Lee/Chamber of Commerce Building located in downtown Wilson at
1108 US Highway 70A (i.e. Main Street).

Recent Events

The Wilson Historical Society and the City of Wilson joined together to sponsor the Centennial Celebration on November 5th, 2014. As part of Wilson’s Centennial murals were painted on six buildings in Wilson. A group consisting of Brenda Alexander, Sherry Gray, Peggy Herrin, Denise Holt, Carole Pinches, George Pinches and Frank Schaaf formed the Centennial Mural Committee. The murals were completed in November 2014; during 2015 lights were added so the murals are visible at night. Work is progressing on a monument celebrating Wilson’s Centennial and thanking the donors to the mural project; this should be completed sometime this spring. For more on the murals, please click here.

What's Happening at the Museum

Annual Newsletter

A new Museum viewing station has been installed and includes the following:

Correna Wilson-Pickens digitized television tapes, 1996 – 2002
School census records, 1914 – 1949
Early maps of Wilson, Healdton and Ringling, 1920 – 1924
Pictures of the last trains to Wilson, Healdton and Ringling, 1976: Ken Fitzgerald
Old oilfield equipment videos, 2007 – 2008: Duane Stevens
Spudder drilling rig video with Frank Carriker, 2007
Centennial slide show pictures of Wilson’s past
Bettes-Craddock funeral home records, 1923 – 1981

In the future information stored on the Museum accessioning software will be available for viewing in the Museum. This will greatly increase access to pictures and other information housed at the Museum.

New Museum displays, along with a thorough cleaning, occurred recently. In order to accomplish this task we closed the Museum during January 2016. Several days and many hours were spent; therefore, the Museum has a completely 'new look'! In addition, a 50-year rain occurred in Wilson in the late spring of 2015; consequently we had a significant amount of water in the Museum Annex. All the water was removed, a major cleaning done and a dehumidifier purchased. We are working to alleviate future water problems in the Annex.

Mindy Taylor continues to work on a book honoring Wilson’s Korean and Vietnam veterans. The book is ready to move into production and should be available during 2016.

Carole Gandy Pinches continues to research the history of Wilson. She has been going through all of the available Wilson newspapers, as well as Ardmore newspapers when Wilson newspapers were not available. The book will be a comprehensive history of Wilson—from its founding in 1913 to the beginning of World War II.

Our annual celebration was held in November 2015. In addition to recognizing and thanking all of our dedicated volunteers, we recognized Anna Clark Heath as a Friend of the Museum and Denise Holt and Diana McMahan were recognized as Volunteers of the Year.

If you are interested in the history of Wilson you need The Centennial Cookbook: Honoring Wilson’s Cooks from the Past. It’s more a history than a cookbook—with biographies and pictures of almost 200 (mostly) former Wilson cooks, stories and pictures from Wilson’s past, and ads from old Wilson newspapers. The book is available through the Museum store.

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