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Calendar of Events - 2019

Event: Historical Society Meeting and Pot-luck Lunch
First Wednesday of every month (except Jan/Jul/Aug)
  2019 meeting dates: Feb 6th, Mar 6th, Apr 3rd, May 1st, Jun 5th,
Sep 4th, Oct 2nd, Nov 6th, Dec 4th
11:30 a.m.
Lee/Chamber of Commerce Building located in downtown Wilson at
1108 US Highway 70A (i.e. Main Street).

Recent Events

2019 Historical Calendar
At a planning retreat held in August it was decided to publish a yearly Wilson Historical Museum calendar. The 2019 calendar, which contains many pictures from Wilson and the area, was met with enthusiastic success. Plans are already being made to publish another calendar for 2020.

Community service awards for high school seniors
As part of a commitment to work more closely with our public schools, it was decided to award two $500 community service awards to high school seniors—one for a boy and another for a girl. A representative committee of Wilsonites will judge the entries and select the recipients.

What's Happening at the Museum

Annual Newsletter

Carole Gandy Pinches’ history of early Wilson is being published
The long awaited Wilson history, entitled Wilson, Oklahoma: 1913-1939, Anatomy of an Oil Boom Town, is in its final stages, and should be out in the summer of 2019. This history, based on in-depth research of all Wilson newspapers and many other sources, traces the developments in and around Wilson during its first twenty-five years. Estimated to be approximately 800 pages in length, the history contains over 500 inserts and is full indexed.

2018 annual celebration
At the November 2018 annual celebration Dottie Stearns was recognized as a “Volunteer of the Year.” Since Dottie started working at the Museum she has faithfully served as a docent, and enjoys showing visitors around the Museum. Dottie was involved in the calendar project and the community service awards and she also helps with other Museum projects. Ronald Alexander was then recognized as a “Friend of the Museum.” Ron served as Mayor of Wilson at the time of the Historical Society’s founding, and was instrumental in allowing the Historical Society to use the former Wilson Post-Democrat building for the Museum. Later, he served on city council when we acquired ownership of the Museum building from the city. Since then Ron has always been available to assist the Museum. Finally, Bruzzy Westheimer, president of the Jerome Westheimer Family Foundation, accepted a “Friend of the Museum” award made to the Westheimer Foundation. Starting in 2007 the Westheimer Foundation has provided a series of grants to assist the Museum with a variety of projects. Without the assistance of the Westheimer Foundation some of what we have achieved would not have been possible. The Westheimer Foundation is, indeed, a friend of the Wilson Historical Museum.

New Museum displays and a thorough cleaning
We have established a policy of closing the Museum in January to provide time for a thorough cleaning and to update and change some of the Museum displays. In January 2019 we made significant changes to what is on display in the Museum.

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