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Calendar of Events - 2020

Event: Historical Society Meeting and Pot-luck Lunch
First Wednesday of every month (except Jan/Jul/Aug)
  2020 meeting dates: Feb 5th, Mar 4th, Apr 1st, May 6th, Jun 3rd,
Sep 2nd, Oct 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd
11:30 a.m.
Lee/Chamber of Commerce Building located in downtown Wilson at
1108 US Highway 70A (i.e. Main Street).

Recent Events

History of Early Wilson
Carole Gandy Pinches’ long-awaited history of early Wilson, entitled Wilson, Oklahoma 1913-1939: Anatomy of an Oil Boom Town, was published in November 2019. This high quality, 8 ½” x 11” leather bound book was written after meticulous research covering all Wilson newspapers from Wilson’s founding through 1939. In addition, numerous other sources were employed in order to make this “the” definitive history of early Wilson. The 640-page book contains over 530 pictures and illustrations and the over 8,000 individuals mentioned in the book are contained in the comprehensive index. In addition to Wilson, the book covers Dillard, Rexroat and the oil field camps north of Wilson, and Blackjack, Board Tree, Hewitt, Keller, Orr, Post Oak, Simon, Wheeler and Oil City, and Zaneis. The book is for sale in the Museum store.

Leadership Transition
George and Carole Gandy Pinches, two of the founders of the Wilson Historical Society, have decided to move closer to their daughter in Kansas City. Carole has been President of the Society since its inception while George has served as Executive Director of the Museum, in addition to chairing the Endowment Trustees, who oversee the Wilson Historical Society Endowment. With the transition Melinda (Mindy) Taylor is the new President, Dottie Stearns is Vice-President, Denise Holt is Secretary and Carolyn Fox is Treasurer. While George and Carole’s efforts will be missed, the Society and Museum is blessed to have a strong group of volunteers to lead the Wilson Historical Museum through its next decade.

What's Happening at the Museum

Annual Newsletter

New Displays
The Museum was closed in January for a thorough cleaning and this also allowed time for creating new displays. The new displays for 2020 include: the Wilson post office; the Wilson Rotary club; some of the late Jim Miller’s sculptures along with Dean Alexander and Lonnie Rooney displays, a workday in the kitchen display, and a Steele Grocery Store display.

Oral History Project
In late 2019 the Society submitted a proposal to the Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant Program to obtain oral histories from local or former residents. Recently we were notified that we received the grant. Oral histories will be a valuable addition to the other focuses of the Society and Museum—artifacts, the historical library, the genealogical library, and pictures. We look forward to beginning this project.

Internet Availability
After considering it for a number of years, the Museum now has Internet access. This creates additional opportunities for genealogical and other research. In addition, present-day Wilson Post-Democrats’ can be accessed digitally.

Further accessioning
We now have all of our pictures digitally scanned and saved in PastPerfect, the museum software employed at the Museum. In addition, efforts are being made to accession many other items and objects that have been donated to the Museum over the years. The goal is to have virtually everything accessioned.

2019 annual celebration
The 2019 annual celebration was held at Casa Romo in downtown Ardmore on November 2nd. George and Carole Gandy Pinches were recognized for their service to the Museum. In addition, some of those present reminisced about the founding and development of the Society and Museum.

Community Service Awards
The Wilson Historical Museum presented two community service awards to graduating high school students, Morgan Nipp and Marley Nance. In order to receive the awards they performed community service and interviewed and wrote a history of a current or former Wilsonite. Each received $500 to be used for further education or other development.

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