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BinocularsFuture Plans and Wish List

The value of Wilson Historical Society’s Endowment as of December 31, 2023 was $317,905. The Endowment has grown from $10,000 in 2000 to its present level. Because of the Endowment, the Wilson Historical Society and Museum’s financial future is solid. During 2023, $16,150 was distributed from the Endowment to the Society—this paid for the Museum's on-going operating expenses and to correct a drainage and sidewalk issue. The goal is to substantially increase the Endowment over the next decade. To make donations to the Museum and/or Endowment, please visit our Monetary Donations page.

The Museum invites local artisans to sell their items thorough the Museum Store. In an effort to support local artisans the Museum wants to encourage them to consider selling some of the works through the Museum.

We have two separate buildings —the original Museum and the Annex. A long-term objective is to join these two buildings together, reposition the Museum entrance, and relocate some of the items/sections of the Museum. One possible use of the additional space would be to create an elephant museum in Wilson. A number of years ago a collection of over 3,000 elephants was donated to the Museum.

Finally, what the Wilson Historical Museum accomplishes is a direct function of the interests of its volunteers and patrons. If you have interest in some facet of the history of Wilson and/or the surrounding communities, we encourage you to contact us to see if there is a mutual interest in preserving the history of this part of Oklahoma.

1270 8th Street Wilson, Oklahoma 73463 (580) 668-2505

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